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RE: How Starting a Garden Will Empower Your Life

in #garden3 years ago

As someone who has been living on the countryside my entire life, where me and my family always had a garden, I can say that I 100% agree with all the statements above.

I noticed that my diet and movement are at the lowest and screen time at the highest during the winter time but as soon as spring comes with more sunshine and garden prep starts, it's a lot more different.

Resteemed in hopes more people will read this post! :)


Totally agree with the winter and spring dichotomy but wish I’d grown up in the country, I’m a suburb baby, lots of concrete growing up.
Thanks for the resteem!

There seem to be an issue with Steemit and after I unvoted your post to re-vote it higher it didn't let me revote. So I'm voting this comment :-)

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