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I did miss my blueberry plant. I guess I should take a pic of that tomorrow. lol

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Monday 8-27

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Organic Gardening Magazine should be beating down you door any minute now after that hot scoop of a video.

Where is your cheerio tree ?


Careful. You might get me to plant some oats. lol


I would like that tree also...😀

I always wondered what a blueberry plant looked like. One of my favorite fruits recently b


You should plant one.

I love blueberry pie. That reminds me that I need to coax a friend for another one. Here's a pic of the last:IMG_20160710_162904557.jpg
I think it's apple season which would work as well. Mmmmm, pie!


It was. My friend needs to get back from Italy and make some pies. He will be suffering the empty nest syndrome since he's taking his youngest off to school. I think it would be the perfect distraction. LoL

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