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I’ve got two elderly neighbors who are always calling me up asking me if I want this plant or that plant.

One has lived on his 2 acre property for 40 years and is the ditch boss so it’s awesome to be friends with him! He gives me so many plants I don’t know what to do with them! Just the other day he had me dig up some of the overgrown black raspberries that were growing into his vegetable field. They are delicious when they’re fruiting but just canes right now. He stood about 12 feet away and directed me to the plants. His soil is so thick and soft and fertile it’s AMAZING! And it took only one scoop per plant to dig them up! His trick is that he’s been taking yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, and other mulch from landscapers for YEARS and spreading them over his field.


I planted them along the fence in the hazelnut orchard. Not exactly thought through but it was so spur of the moment I had to get them in the ground.

Then my other neighbor called me up. She’s a rose connoisseur that’s lived on her acre for 25 years but her old antique 1918 roses had gotten into her prized Japanese Tree Peony bed and had to be either killed or dug up and moved. She’s wanted me to take these for a while and I finally got over there and dug them up. She is very against mulching. She thinks its very ugly instead she gets pallets of organic compost delivered each spring and lays it and fertilizer around all of her plants. And she “bics” her grass so short you wonder how it survives at all. A very different gardening style then Farmer Greg down the road. Digging up those roses was quite a bit harder despite the good soil it was much denser than Gregs. And these plants were very well rooted. After about an hour of hearing about her grandkids from a 6 foot distance as I dug I finally finished and dragged my wheelbarrow home.


My bounty!

And then I planted them... some of them... as I was too tired to finish all of them...


She’d probably have a cow about the weeds that I let grow behind them on the fence but I didn’t have the energy to pull them and unlike my neighbors I just can’t bring myself to use the herbicides they tell me are life savers. It’s true they don’t have as many weeds as me!


It is so nice when people share their plants. I too have a patch of Black Raspberries and need to start some more cuttings from the tips since they are growing right now. Keep up the good work JayJay.

Thanks! I’m pretty psyched to have the raspberries, hopefully I’ll have some plants to share in a couple years too!

It is because of your post that I remembered it was time to take some cuttings. So yesterday I did that and today I am going to cut the slips and root them for more canes. I hope you have a bumper crop. Last year it was a light season for us so I am expecting a lot of them this year.

We'll see... We're currently getting a really cold (12 Degrees F) April storm so I'm thinking some of our fruit crops are going to be wiped out. I covered my plum, nectarine, and peach but I can't imagine that could really help much through that kind of drop in temps. I still have one raspberry potted in the greenhouse so it'll be safe at least!

Wow, that is a huge drop in temps for the trees hopefully the buds were not damaged too much. Covering them should have helped a lot. I just pruned back my blackberries and took the tips into the greenhouse to see if they would root. I am hoping. Today is sunny but cool. I think our temps might play games with us into may.

Have you checked out yet? After a fork 20 days ago, majority of users migrated there. You have the same account and balance on Hive.

That’s funny! I saw something about it and thought, “someone’s ripping off Steemit,” Thanks for the heads up!

How do i find out more about that? Any good links?

Here is the intro post before it launched. You can also read a few later updates on their account. Hope this helps. :)

certainly does!

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