My First Orchid

in #gardenlast year

.... and we'll see if it is my last .... which may depend on how long I can keep this one alive ! 😊


I bought this at a grocery store called Lowe's. They had a dozen or so displayed together outside of their floral department, just as you walked in the front door.


There were several colors including a vivid pink, a white with pink speckles and maybe another color or two that I don't remember now. Somehow though, this one that looked mostly white, with pale green tinges was my choice. It is in my living room now, but my bedroom decor is light and peaceful and I pictured it eventually living in there. It's quiet beauty would fit right in. I think most of the photos made it look greener than it really does to my eyes


Their bare roots, always appearing to be trying to escape the their pots fascinates me.


Like maybe they might try to free themselves and run away.


One reason I never bought one before was that I had heard that they were fussy and not easy to keep alive. Who needs THAT... right ? I had stopped and looked at them a few times as I went to shop, but the thing that finally convinced me to try was this cup that was attached to it.

Warm water only !


It is SO neat and has simple instructions printed around it's sides.

Low to medium sunlight.


The temperature that keeps the Orchid happy....


.... and only 1 shot of water per week.


Simple.... just that simple.... or is it ?? ....LOL ! Time will tell. So far I have had it about a month and only watered it every 2 weeks cause I forgot already. Time is flying and it didn't seem like that long, but I think I will be with the program now.

I think....

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here. About 51 degrees outside, but they say it will be near 70 this afternoon.

Hope you are all well and are finding ways to enjoy your day.

Love you !


@lightsplasher LOOK ! I finally got one ! Seeing yours made me do it finally.

closeup 2 blooms 1.jpg


Very nice! They are a lot of fun to watch the flowers forming. 😊👍

If it lives that long, maybe I will get to enjoy that next time it blooms. It was in full bloom when I got it and of course since I know NOTHING about them, I didn't know how long the blooms would last, so I have been happy that the blooms still look full and healthy at this time.

They really are easy!!! I am so glad you got one! I have the same one and it does appear greener than it looks with the naked eye :)

Good luck!!!!

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Easy will be it's only hope ! LOL

Thanks for stopping over. Hope you and yours and well and happy.


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Wow! Beautiful orchids!!

Don’t water it too much!

Thank you !

I will try not to water it too much. Hopefully the little cup will help me make sure I don't.

Thank for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. :)

Have fun with your orchid!

Have Lola set a reminder in a week :)

Congrats on your first orchid! It is lovely! One of my most favorite colors, I am mad about pale green roses.
Gool luck and have a great day ;o)

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