Cucumber Growing Update

in garden •  last month 

We have seedlings. Yesterday the first one broke the soil. It was followed about 2 hours later by 2 more. Today the rest of the flat had seedlings. Strange thing is they are all the same variety. Hopefully others will follow and the seeds weren't bad.

Also got a package today. Something I wanted back when I had a big garden but they were too expensive back then. It's a drip irrigation system. I bought a starter kit and an extra 250' roll of tubing. Now I won't have to go around and water every plant every night. I can just turn the faucet on or put it on a timer. Might even try to find one I can control from my pc or phone.

I've also expanded the plan from just cucumbers. Planted some tomato, zucchini, cantaloupe, and watermelon seeds. Might do a couple of pepper plants and maybe some lima beans. If I don't have to water them all summer then why not?

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