Greenhouse Update - Digging out the beds and sowing seeds

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well the greenhouse is starting to fill up with clutter... who cares though as its garden related clutter and this makes me so happy. 😊

Pots, trays, compost and seeds this may look like choas to some but it brings me comfort and a feeling of security in my own weird way.

In this post ill share with you some DIY that got done, and whats been sown.

greenhouse update shelving

This bench is a new addition to make use of the space above the water butts, putting it to use straight away!

greenhouse internal layout

No idea what i'm going to do with all this soil, maybe more raised beds if i can find some space.

This is only about half the width of the central path but i need a plan for the soil first. Which I had planned to dig down 2 feet and this is roughly half that.

If i take it another foot down ill have even more soil issue but that not a bad thing potentially but i will have to build a step to reach the bench and shelves, which is hilarious as i'm tall at 6'2"ish 😂

greenhouse update layout door

I've made so much progress, but still so much to do!!

On to the sowing

The chillies as seen in my previous post are doing great but i need to catch up with stuff for the garden so i made the most of an hour i had and went a bit wild. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the greenhouse will be full of life ready to fill the garden full of green. I even had a lovely time with the little one who helped me plant and move things around and even wrote a couple of labels for me 😊

sowing peas


Most of the items sown are salads, so far I've sown the following

  • white spring onions
  • Red spring onions
  • Swiss chard
  • Kale
  • Mustard
  • Pak choi
  • Mixed salad
  • Pea's
still a lot left to sow but ill do this next weekend once i make some more space.


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All the best


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Coming along brilliantly- great to see you having so much fun! ❤️🌈🦋🍀🌴

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Q. What to do with a pile of soil?




Great shout @nateonsteemit If only i had some more space to do that, great concept and use of space.

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