Scrap wood for a new table

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So we found some people that were giving away a few old planks and other scrap wood. That's very rare around here. People living in a not very rich society use everything and rarely have material to throw away. What is too bad for using, gets burned for heat.

Also here all wood material is pine, so low quality and soft. But still better than nothing. So we went to pick it up, an expense on it's own.

Turned out most of it is too bad to be used for anything, so we picked just a few pieces. The goal was to make a new table for the garden - work table but also to sit guests in case we have more.

Hubby @bobydimitrov got to work right away by sorting the pieces and selecting those that would work.

Next was the new electric plane. We got a few thick pieces for the legs. However those were used for support when pouring concrete and then left to rot outside for a few years so they were very bad.

So hubby smoothed those very nicely. The photo shows the original wood in the middle and top and bottom the smooth wood. They turned out very nice!

Now it's time to smooth the planks for the table top. And then - screwing all the bits together. Soon I hope to post a photo of the complete table!

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I wonder what y'all could do with all the wasted wood here. I picked up eight wood pallets the other day for free, and about twelve old 8-foot 1x2's a week before that. Haven't used any of it yet, but it's good to have materials around.

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Husband is following ads from people giving stuff away for the last 3 years. Only 4 of those were for wooden material for free, out of hundreds and hundreds ads!

So we could do lots of stuff but... At least we get a few pallets a year from the day job!

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You've been visited by @porters from Homesteaders Co-op. Nice to see you re-purposing that wood instead of seeing it go to waste! Looks like it has lots of character so should make a lovely table! Thanks for sharing! I won't tell you about all the wood we have available being there is a big lumber mill in our town that gives away the mill ends! --- Homesteaders Co-op A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): follow: @homesteaderscoop

I made some scrap wood out of a table once

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I love the different wood colours. Looking forward to seeing the finished table. It should look quite striking.

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There's something NICE about reclaimed wood, and the way it hold's its story. Looking forward to seeing your completed garden table. :) NICE job!

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