My garden this year : 2019

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We broke ground on a garden, planted green beans, beets and corn. As you can see I wasn’t lying when I said I have been very busy.

This pic was taken today
I still need to finish my chicken wire fence along to bottom of my garden. All the stores have been out for awhile so we made due.

For some reason wild raspberries think my flower garden is an awesome place to grow, so this spring I trimmed them up and they exploded!
I have a few other random bushes all over our land too.

I planted a ton of old green bean seeds in pots. I figured if any sprouted it would be a bonus.
This is only one side of the green house

Here is the otherwise... Peas and pole beans.
It started out with me hand tilling the ground, then using a broken fence for lattice for the plants to climb.
But that wasn’t t enough for the ones further away so I grabbed some tomato cages, garden poles and driveway markers(anything I had really).
They are now doing well.

I do have a chicken who likes my green house too

This summer is warm and perfect for growing, like I predicted. We had a early break up this year and warm temps. We have already hit 75°F.

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I can see that you've really been busy! The garden is looking good! The peas look pretty good now.
It's always funny where chickens decide to lay their eggs...

Thanks, yeah been busy with a lot of stuff. The peas have taken off since this post. They are about four foot now.

Really good photo of the pea blossom. My camera phone would never pick up all those green veins and focus on the inside. You really have knack for gardening and photography. Summer is turning out to be very satisfying this year, watching the garden mature from all the hard work.

Thanks, yeah I did get a pretty good shot. I agree, the summer is warmer then expected too

Looks like it is a good start! It is always busy in the garden and on the homestead this time of year. Great Job!

Thanks, it really is busy.

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