Garden update

in #gardenlast year

Garden update, corn, beets, green beans, piggies. Also I have very limited internet right now. Waiting for it to be fixed. 😕

First up is my corn 🌽

Me standing in the corn, I’m 5’8” for comparison

My corn is BLOOMING!!!

Next up beets and green beans


My beets are about the size of a fifty cent piece

The leaves are just HUGE on my green beans!

Check out this Plantain!

We actually have a few that are this big

Last but not least my piggies aka bacon bits.


Like I said my internet is down, all I have is my phone. It’s not easy to get to free WiFi either. So I will post when I can, sparingly. Hope you understand.

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Those are huge green beans leaves. Looks like a lush environment, and those pigs are mighty cute.

They are amazingly huge! The piggies are definitely cute!

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