Growing kiwi..

5 days ago
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Growing kiwi (the fruit) is not that easy where we live.
Last year I had three kiwis and this Spring it looked very promissing. Because of a warm early Spring my kiwitree was exploded in loads of flowers. So we thought that this would be a very large harvest.
But...Half of April a few days with nightly frost arrived and the next days all the flowers turned brown and died off.
So today I had a visit at the nursery where the kiwitree also grows. I was very surprised by the look of one kiwi..It was less than last year..but..
When I left the garden, I looked back at where I had discovered the one lonely kiwi..
FOUR OTHER KIWIS were hidden behind the leaves. As focussed as I was on the only kiwi I thought there was, I didn't notice the other ones.
So a bigger crop than last year..They are growing on Tibolar-RS Fruit & Vegetables.
And the taste of the kiwis last year was amazing.
They tasted like kiwi and strawberry.
So let's wait what this year will bring...

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You looks great, keep it up :) @adriaan66

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Hello please kindly like my post too thanks