Spotted Deadnettle- Pink Chablis Plant and Flowers

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Spotted Deadnettle- Pink Chablis

Spotted Deadnettle, Lamium maculatum is in the family Lamiaceae; the mint family. It is grown to be used as ground cover and is approximately 5-8 inches tall.

Look at their beautiful silver leaves. The only reason why this plant is called, "Dead Nettle" is because the leaves look similar to another plant called, "Stinging Nettles" however, this plant cannot sting.

These unique, small pink flowers bloom from May to July.

Thanks for looking!

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Image Source: 100% my own.


A good series of photos!


Thanks for your kind words and the flowers you sent to me @teddy2! So nice of you! : )

Magnificent plant with interesting information! The flowers are beautiful and have lovely color! You took great photos of them. I especially like the last one. ;)

Aw, thanks for your kind words sis! : ) I think they look like doves or angel wings. : )

You're welcome! Ah! I think the same as you! ;)

No sting with a green ring, sure is pretty with
little pink flowers and silver white leaves!
Do these smell nice when a leaf is picked?
I've not seen these types before, I learn so
much from your hunts!! 💕

There you go again with your funny rhymes. : ) I am so happy that you can learn things from my posts. I can't answer your question because I have never picked one of these leaves before. I have with others from the mint family and they do smell just like mint, so I don't think these would be any different. And these are just too pretty to scratch or pick. : )

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