Garage Rock with a Snotty Punk Attitude! Bad Woman by Fallen Angels

in garagerock •  5 months ago

She's just a Bad Bad Woman and when she messed with him, he messes right back with her! Killer Fuzzy Proto Punk Garage Rock from the mid 60s!

Fallen Angels are apparently a NY band with one song brewed out in the Garage. Was the song inspired by a real incident? Who knows!

This is 2 minutes and 8 seconds of slightly fuzzy rhythm guitar and major overdriven fuzz from the lead guitar! Starts off with the rhythm chords and adds the fuzz lead, then vocals. In the middle is a violently fuzzy guitar solo!

Let's see what's happening in the lyrics.

I took my self down city, well, I took my walking cane. I been hearing rumors girl, driving me insane! Bad woman!
Evil soul and ever lie. You wanna be my baby, yeah yeah yeah you gonna have to try!
Bad bad woman, gonna mess my my mind someday!
Bad bad woman, the day our love done went away!
Bad bad woman!

And then the killer guitar break!

Check it out! It's pretty heavy for the mid 60s!

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