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This might be the only song in the world to venerate Science! These guys get really excited about the power of the mind to discover things in the world. And the put their lyrics to a Go Go Beat so you can dance to it!

What we have here is a very rare guitar driven mid tempo dance tune that promotes Science. The Dick Watson 5 are a group of young guys possibly from New Jersey, although the song is on a compilation called "Highs in the Mid Sixties Vol. 22: The South Part Two" which I have, somewhere!

Instruments seem to be a lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums and a tambourine accenting the Go Go dance beat.

Here's a sample of the Science Loving lyrics!

The cold clear world of the intellect, the world that I revere. In the pure dry air of the scientist, I'm in my proper sphere. To illumin what we thought was a part of the brain, electricity, there's felicity! From a fragment to construct a comprehensive mold, there's nectar for the soul!

From the thick black cloak of a mystery, to the use of Why and How. Just a loaf of bread and a quistagram, the palette I see now. With the power of the mind to find what a foe has concealed with Devilish care, there's joy, there's happiness, and plenty to spare!

Now listen to this strange unique Garage Rock rarity that celebrates Science! Note that the first 20 seconds is dead air for some reason so skip ahead or just, wait... for... it!

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