Garage Rock To Dance To! Cry Me A Lie, by Apollo's Apaches!

in garagerock •  7 months ago

Here's a nice up tempo dance tune from February 1966 by Apollo's Apaches from Chicago!

It's a pretty simple song, with just a lead and rhythm guitar, with pounding drum and bass. It's 2 minutes and 25 seconds of Rock that you can dance to, and level up your @actifit count. I know I will be dancing to this!

Even though it sounds like a happy song, the singer is having issues with his girl. For some reason, this is a common theme in Garage Rock lyrics!

Well I cry, every single night. Go on and tell your lies, about the other guy.
And I know, although it hurts me so, this time its goodbye, so go and cry me a lie!
Well I cry, every single night, and I'm feelin' blue, 'cause baby I'm still in love with you!
So go now, but don't you ever say, I didn't do my best, to try and make you stay!
And I cry, every single night, cryin' over you. Well I hope that guy makes you cry too! Go!

Ready to dance? Get your phone in your hand and see how many @actifit activity points you can get. Dance like a crazy person. Go!

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just love your suggestion for dancing away to Actifit tokens :) :)

Actifit Founder


Thanks, and it really works! My number goes up and I have a great time jumping around to this crazy music I like.

Thanks for making this awesome app! :)