Garage Rock - Strange Guitar Sounds made by Texas Band called The Remaining Few!

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Warning! This psychedelic Garage Rock tune from 1967 has a strange disconcerting effect! The guitar makes a sound I've never heard before. It's almost as annoying as nails on a chalkboard but pretty rockin' at the same time.

The Remaining Few were from San Angelo Texas. This is a small town out in the middle of nowhere, North of San Antonio and West of Dallas. Not much to do, maybe, except experiment with your musical instruments and see just what kind of out-of-this-world sounds you can produce.

In this post, we'll hear both sides of their Garage Rock classic 45 RPM record.

Let's start with the flip side, In The Morning, because it's video makes for a more attractive post thumbnail!

It's a slower song, featuring a funky guitar break and a organ. He's been crying all night, but in the morning his sadness is gone with the pure sunlight. Please enjoy some pretty 1960s ladies that the video maker decided to pair with this song. See if you can do the dance moves they do!

Moving along, we flip the vinyl platter over and find the more popular and very strange "Painted Air".

Painted Air is a slow and fast mournful psychedelic song about a dying man. The tempo slows during the vocal part of the song, then picks up during the weird guitar antics! This side features the strange guitar effects I mentioned above.

Here I lie on my death bed, recalling things said, as my world slips away.
A man stands over me. One final plea, though I disagree!

Cars, daytime and light. Running red light. Other drivers won't yield.
People stand without sound. Tears touch the ground, and soon dry away.

Get ready for this, I am warning you!

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