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in garagerock •  10 months ago

Sometimes on YouTube, when a person wants to post a Garage Rock song, they use a movie clip for the video part. Such is the case here. We are hearing No Good Woman by The Tree from 1967, but we're watching Italian actress Annie Gorassini in "Due Mattacchioni Al Moulin Rouge" from 1964 as she dances in bikini briefs and pasties.

Back to the actual song. The guy singing is having some real issues with his girl.

I asked you where were you last night, you just stand and shrugged. I know where you were 'cause there's grass and booze all over the rug!

You're ugly and you're fat, got no hair on your head, you're no good!

He sure takes out his aggression in this Punk styled guitar based track with organ further back in the mix. The drums are pounding hard, and there's a nice guitar solo in the middle. The vocals are loud, raw and nearing screamed. If you get up and jump around to this song played 5 times in a row, you got in your aerobic exercise for the day!

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