Garage Rock - I Need You, by The Big Beats

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Here's an obscure one! This 1966 Up Tempo Rocker is by The Big Beats from Virginia, on Tonka Records. It's just guitars; no organ in this one. We have a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums and tambourine. I assume they are a young band because they have a little issue with all staying on the beat. It's not bad, but it does happen in Garage Rock songs!

The song starts out with guitar playing chords with a very fast reverb effect. In come the rest of the instruments and then the gritty vocals that sometimes strain the singer when he hits notes at the high end of his range. There are some really nice background vocals, doing the ahh ahh ahh fills. In the middle, we have a short guitar solo.

Here's some of the lyrics, as best as I can figure them out!

Need you! Need you! Want to make you mine! Love you all the time! No matter what you do, I need a girl like you.
'Cause I'll tell you that I care; I always will be there, no matter what you do. I need a girl like you.
'Cause I need you (I need you). I need your lovin' (I need you). You're kiss and huggin' (I need you). Oh Baby! (I need you)

This raw guitar song with reverb and tambourine is perfect to jump around to, so get up and dance with The Big Beat!

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