Garage Rock Fuzz - Hey Hey by Sound Barrier!

in garagerock •  4 months ago

This is a well known Garage Rock song among Garage Rock fans. It's got a very fuzzy lead guitar that repeats the song's simple riff based on its 4 chords. The riff is played at what sounds to be mid range to me. But there is a rather long guitar break in the middle, lasting about 27 seconds. The lead guitar goes to a higher octave and really screams!

We also have a rhythm guitar in here, and an organ that isn't very prominent, along with drums and bass, and what could be a tambourine used just on the 4th beat. The vocals are typical Garage, but there is also liberal use of echo or reverb after the second Hey, whenever they sing Hey Hey, which is quite often!

I can't quite make out the lyrics, but the girl is gonna get what's coming to her. At one point I hear

A bullet through your heart and you fall on the floor. You never lie and cheat on me anymore! Hey hey!

Some serious aggression, as we can tell from the song's general tone, and the scream before that guitar break! Listen!!!

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