Garage Rock From Texas, Again! You Lie, by The Lynx

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LOTS of Cool Garage Rock Songs came from TEXAS in the mid 60s! Here's The Lynx on the Thunderball label out of Tyler Texas, probably from 1966. I don't know much about the band, but this is a typical snotty proto punk song with a cool sounding organ riff and a killer guitar break in the middle. It's an up tempo record but far too short at just 2 minutes and 3 seconds!

What's got the singer so upset? She lies!

You lie, when you say you don't love me. You lie, if you don't see me no more.
I'll try to make it better this time. Don't lie, let's make it better than before.
Don't hurt me, don't use me, don't bring me down.
(unintelligible) ... I've got to frown.
You lie! You lie! You lie!

14 second fast strumming guitar break.

Second verse.

Outro guitar break, similar to the one in the middle.

You may notice the chord structure and sound is similar to The Moving Sidewalks (pre ZZ Top) song, 99th Floor, which I wrote about, and you can hear, here:

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