Garage Rock Compilation Album of 16 Songs, including "Nothing Is Wrong With LOVE"

in garagerock •  5 months ago

Tonight I went looking for a video of a song I have had on my mind. It's a sweet love song in 1966 Garage Rock style, called "Nothing Is Wrong With Love" by The Insites. I was not able to find the song in a video by itself but I did find it on a Full Album called "Diggin' For Gold #10".

The song I went looking for is track 5. It's a cute teen love song featuring guitar and organ in a mid tempo beat that you can dance to. The drums are solid and drive the track, along with the simple but punchy bass line.

The vocals are clean with a lot of back up ooooos and ahhhhhs. So let's look at a sample of the lyrics!

I know your mother said you better not kiss me! But how ya gonna know what you missed till you kiss me!
The moon and stars, they shine so high above. And don't you know little girl that tonight was made to try our love!
When you're in love, everything's alright. When you're in love, you wanna kiss all night!

This song starts at 9:37 on this Full Album video, and you can get to it from the track list in the description. I would recommend that you check out the entire album because it has some other cool Garage Rock songs too!

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