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Dancing Girls! Let's have a look!

The Seeds had a minor national hit with this in 1966 and put out many other songs that Garage Rock fans like.

It's hard to describe this tune because it has a few different elements. First, we note it's fairly up beat tempo, which is fun to dance to. You'll notice that the person who created the video used a lot of clips of dancers, mostly young women.

There is a fuzzy guitar and organ which are both prominent. It's mainly just two alternating chords but there is a nice fuzzy guitar break and a Jamaican vibe in the organ solo before the guitar solo.

The vocals are an example of 60's Garage Punk, with a style of young, loud and snotty; that also is the name of the first Dead Boys album, a punk classic from 1977. Sky Saxon is on vocals and here's a sample.

Well better listen girl what I'm telling you, ya better listen girl or we are through. You better stop all your fooling around, stop the running all over town.

Well I know there's a lot of fish in the sea. I know some gonna stay by me. So if you don't think I'm gonna try, you better ask yourself the reason why.

'Cause you're pushin' too hard, pushin' too hard on me! Too hard!

Get up and dance with everyone else in the video, as you groove to The Seeds singing Pushin' Too Hard!

The Westinghouse Girl

On a side note, as I look through the comments for this YouTube video, I notice several about the "Westinghouse Girl" - the blond young lady featured a few times in this vid. Apparently those clips are taken from a Westinghouse Salesman Incentive short film talking about a trip they could win. If you want to see that video, the source of the clips in The Seeds video, it is here.

There's not much in that video which isn't used in The Seeds video, but there is another video telling the salesmen about Westinghouse Air Conditioners, which features the same young lady. In one scene, she is in a classy dress leaning slightly forward and shaking her head, while the male voice over says,

Don't touch it!

and in another part, he says,

May WE touch it?

I guess in 1966, all the salemen, Were men, and someone in marketing decided to get their attention with the Westinghouse girl and some double entendres. Here she is again, that unknown Westinghouse girl, in the Air Conditioner promo video.

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