Fast Garage Rock Song - I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye, by The Others

in garagerock •  9 months ago

I'm surprised to see that this song is from 1965 and on RCA Records! It's Fast and Fuzzy!

I don't really know anything about The Others. They seem pretty tight. Everything is in time and tune. Plus, they are on RCA Records, so the production is pretty good.

The record starts off with the killer guitar riff, then the other instruments kick in. They are guitars and drums, no organ. After a proper scream, a guitar break busts out in the middle of the song.

What's happening in the lyrics? Well love has gone bad, so the guy is saying goodbye!

Goodye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye!
Well I hate to leave you but I have to go. Goodbye.
You know you played me bad, you deserve it so goodbye!
I can't stand this love. Goodbye!

This is almost too fast to dance to, but if you try hard, I think you can do it. Jump around!

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