GAPS PROJECT : AI Based on Prediction

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Hello guys, today I want to introduce you guys to another amazing project on the blockchain space. Since the emergence of the blockchain technology we have seen a lot of new projects with amazing use cases, today I introduce you to another amazing project called the GAPS Project.

What ia GAPS Project


GAPS is an initial which stands for
G : Growing
A : Artificial Intelligence On Collective Intelligence Through
P : Predictive Discussion Community
S : Service Platform Based On Blockchain Technology.

The major aim of GAPS is to create an advanced AI for prediction of future activities through gradual training of AI based on collective intelligence data gotten from predictive arguments.

What Do we Stand To Benefit with Such Information


There is a common saying that *he who predicts the future controls the present. I see this as a standout project on the blockchain and a pro-blockchain technology. Using such AI tech, one would be able to gather information from different sources and easily produce a new and creative value.

To know more about the GAPS Project, visit their website.

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