Gaps Project Review

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Hey guys @ewuoso again. This time i want to let you know about gaps project.


What is Gaps Project

Gaps project is a platform that are training Artificial intelligence to be able to predict some certain things in future.

They are building this on collective intelligence through predictive discussion community service platform based on blockchain technology.

GAPS PLATFORM gather information from the community users through debate like process that should be about something that can be predicted and have answer to it. Such as voting, weather, sports and etc. To those who answered logically and correctly and as well as for the questioner who asked a logical question will get a certain amount of compensation in our token.

GAPS PROJECT service will be launched in March 2020

GAPS held a private VIP party to celebrate the launching of GAPS prototype at Lotte World Tower 123F Sky Lounge on Dec.19th 2019. You are all invited to the next coming party on March 2020

Gapps project have their own cryptocurrency coin that is tradable on some exchanges

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