Welcome to the jungle 🔥

in ganja •  last year 


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How wonderful

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Righteous grow brother! I would guess Southern Oregon from the trees but the mountains aren't on fire.

You guessed right , they are on fire , about tens miles down the road , had a few clear nice days this week 😎

I grew up in Merlin. I'm glad to hear things are clearing up down there. It was sad to see Galice on fire.

Yeah this fire season was crazy !

Holy Mackarolly!! Thaz alotta weed!!!!!! Very nice :)) Thanks for sharing, dude! Wow, what an operation!! I'm really taken aback lol. I don't think I've seen an op this bountiful before... It appears--obviously--you are in a great environment for that: I wanted to say California at first because of the sun--but upon closer inspection, those trees in the background appear a bit out of place for Cali; so I will guess Washington, maybe? Sorry, not tryna be nosy--but I'm interested in looking at moving my operation outdoors myself and am wondering how that might work. I am in the Pacific NW (US) myself... So maybe not the best growing conditions for marijuana, but not unmanageable, either.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work; hope to see more of it!!!

Thank you , we are in southern Oregon , outside of grants pass , perfect climate here for cannabis, same weather as Northern California, lots of sun and long warm summers 😎

Ah, Oregon... I was close! But that's great bc it's not too far from me; therefore, encouraging! Wow. I just still can't get over how huge of a farm that is! Did you ever grow indoor? If you were to give someone looking to start growing out doors (who may have only previously been indoor) any advice/ tips, what might that be? My concern would always be nosy neighbors, other environmental concerns such as animals, etc. messin w my crop/ tryna steal it lol. Granted, I'm in a residential area, not in the middle of no where/ rural area...

Best advice I can give is , focus on your soil , creating a healthy living soil is the most important, most critters won’t bother cannabis , deer 🦌 and rabbits and such , and if you have a healthy plant it will resist most pests . Train them to grow low and it will keep them out of sight of your neighbors, just bend over the tops as they grow and the plant will bush out instead of growing like a tree .