Gang Stalking, Voice-To-Skull (V2K) & Silent Hypnosis ~ It's Real! ... Whistleblower Testimony

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This is the very popular video from the unjustly terminated "Steven Scroggin" YouTube channel on Feb 28, 2019. Created 11-2015.

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I did join the Marine Corps. I spent two of my first four years (out of a total of close to 12 years serving on active duty) as an Amphibious Intelligence Specialist at Brigade/Regimental level. I have also served on the Enlisted Staff of A Division Commander during the first Gulf War.

I have been privy to a great deal of information over the years and am very familiar with collection agencies and such. This is fake news, period.

This video is misinformation and designed to create fear uncertainty and doubt among my fellow Americans.

I do not only disbelieve this nonsense. I challenge the creator of this garbage to present concrete proof regarding these accusations of wrong doing by our government agencies as reported by this narrative.

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