I love to sleep not only beside her, but inside her ( personal experience )

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Hello friends this time I want to share a secret, that these last months we have been enjoying my little rabbit (so I say to him of affection) and me.

One night after the exhausting day of work, and the stress of transport, traffic and other circumstances surrounding the city.

My bunny and I went to sleep. She, like me, was super tired from work, so neither of them dared to suggest a night of passion
a su lado.gif

But something magical happens ... we lie down in our favorite position (spoon), I feel his back, his legs, his booty. She holding me with her hand and without waiting for it happeneda su lado 2.gif
In truth, without realizing it, I was already inside of her.a su lado 3.gif
She, my Bunny, just turned around to see me, and with a little whisper said: - there leave it, but do not move-.
Everything was perfect, the weather, his breathing, his wet feeling and so the minutes passed until we both fell asleep.
a su lado 4.gif

I do not know until what moment I left his body, but the next morning, exchanging coffee and comments. We came to the conclusion that it is a paradisiacal experience, relaxing, intimate and very, very romantic!
And since that night it has really been difficult for us to sleep separately.

My bunny and I recommend them.

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