Classic Video Games Review [1981] Scramble : Space Theme Shooter game from Konami.

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[Recall Memories with Classic Games].

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Classic game Review with @zulman

Hallo Steemians! How are all doing today?
Back again with me @zulman with another review of old games that was released for arcade platform and the game was released 1981
The reason that I am reviewing these all old game is that I want to experience what the game is like. I do not play a lot of game when I was a kid. So, with this review, I want to experience those old games now.

As usual, at the end of the article, I will give you all the information about how to play the video game that I am reviewing. Also, I will tell you how to install the game on your current PC or Mac or if you do not wish the difficulties of installing the game, I will also give you information where you can play the game online. There are many website that provide so many classic game.

Let's start the review.

Scramble Video Game


Review Notice

This review going to be about the information of the game, I will also provide some screenshots in order for you to see how the game is look like. Then, at the end of this article, I will also give you the information how to play this game on your current computer or where you can play this game if you want to play it online.

Alright, let's begin the review of the game.

Scramble video game is a video game that belong to the genre of Arcade Video game. This video game was developed by Konami. The game was developed and also distributed by Leijac for Japanese market. In North America market, the game was distributed by Stern. Scramble was among the first side-scrolling shooter game available for the market. There are also some level that that available.

This video game was a success, the game was well received in the market with more that 15 thousands copied was sold. In August 1981, Scramble become the second best-selling video game under Stern's publisher. It only lost to Berzerk video game which sit in the first place. Scramble also have the sequel entitled super cobra. The sequel is also become a very success video game. Scramble video game was at the time does not have any support for any major contemporary consoles or computers. However, there were a version that was developed and ported for the Tomy Tutor and Vectrex. There were also several unauthorized clones of this game for VIC-20 and Commodore 64. These clones also go by the name "Scramble"

After the release of Scramble in 1981 for North America market by Stern. The company (Stern) became the plaintiff in a legal case setting precedently. There is a company called Omni claim that they also had obtain to the license rights of the Scramble video game. They even go further by creating and produce copycat of an arcade machine for this game. However, the case was won by Stern Company.
Scramble can be played by one or two players. For two player mode, the game can be played in an alternating turn Scenario.


North American promotional flyer for Scramble
source : Wikipedia

Here is the summary of the game development below:

  • Developers : Konami, Western Technology
  • Publisher : Leijac, Stern
  • Platform : Arcade
  • Released : 1981
  • Genre : Horizontal Scrolling Shooter
  • Game Mode : Up to 2 Players, Alternating Turn

Scramble Gameplay Overview.

In term of the gameplay, this video game have a total of 6 parts. The objective of the game by going left, right, up, and down is to navigate your space ship fighter and eliminate all the enemies. There also will be a major battle at the end of each level. This battle is for the player to annihilate the base of the enemies in order to proceed to the next level. The player need to shoot the enemies while navigating the space ship.The player also need to take attention for fuel levels. If fuel is running out, it will cause the life. To add more fuel store into the player reserver fuel tank, the player can destroy by dropping bombs onto a gas tanker located in the terrain. If you can stay alive and flaying the ship, it will earn you 100 points, destroying gas tanker will earn 150 points, and finally, you can earn 100 points by flying a saucer. See list below for the summary of the scoring:

  • [10 points] For each second the ship is flying.
  • [10 - 80 Points] Destroy enemies with Rockets.
  • [100 points] Destroying UFO ships
  • [150 points] Destroying Fuel tanks
  • [100,200, or 300 points] Destroying Mystery targets
  • [800 points] Bases to end levels

The enemies of the ground has to be destroyed with the bomb, while flying enemies can be shot with a gun. Please make sure the timing in order to hit the enemies. Make sure to drop some bombs as well to destroy the tank fuel that located on the ground, it will add your tank fuel and make sure it is enough to go or proceed to next level.

Check this picture below to see how the game look like.

These screenshots is taken from online


And this one is taken from android gameplay


My opinion about Scramble video games.

This video game is one of the most fun playing video game i have ever tried. The gameplay is very fun and it is really could bring back those sweet time in the old days. Playing this kind of game is really can make you giggles sometime when you unintentionally remember the time that you have in old days. This game is also a very good game is you want to just spend your time. It is recommended.

If you want to see how the game is look like, check out these video below

Alright, before we end the review, Let's see how you can play this video game

>> For Mac user, follow the instruction below

  1. Go to this website by clicking this link
  2. Download SDLMAME emulator. It is stand for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
  3. Install the emulator on your Mac.
  4. Go to this link to download Scramble video game ROM and your are already set.

Note: Check out this link on how to install SDLMAME Click here

>> Play Scramble on your Android Device

This video game now available in goole play store. You want to play the video game on your Android device. Click here to go the video game's link in Google Play Store. You also can search "Scramble" in play store.

>> Play Scramble Online

For those of you who does not want to make life harder, we have a good news, this game is also available online. There are a lot of website that provide this video game online. There is no need to download or install anything. Just click the link and you are ready to play. Check the link below.

Play Scramble Online, Click Here

Alright, that is all. if you want to try the game, go ahead, install it or play it online and have fun

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