🔥 Womplay & Appics Gaming Challenge 🔥

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Wombat &Appics Challenge🔥🔥 My EOS name: tom144 My heroes on "BLOODLINE" a brandnew game on Womplay. Wanna join? Just use my invitation link and we both get rewarded: https://womplay.io/?ref=ALYK4V2 ANOTHER gaming challenge running until monday together with womplay! 👉 This is how you can join: 🔸 Go to https://womplay.io/ and register a new account for free 🔸 Choose any game and start #earning #crypto while playing! 🔸 Take a screenrecording while playing and post it on APPICS and #Twitter 🔸 Make sure to mention your #EOS username (that you used for womplay) in the caption! 🔸Use the hashtags #PowerUpYourGame AND #PowerUp for your APPICS post❗️ 🔸 Tag appics_official and womplay in your twitter post 🎁 BONUS: Increase your chances of winning if you also join the wombat & APPICS discord servers: https://discord.gg/wombatgamers and http://discord.appics.com/
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