🎮 WHAT AN END !! road to platinum [overwatch#3]

in #gaming3 years ago (edited)

Hello Steemians !

Sir @africa and myself decided to work together to produce some gaming and funny contents. So we'll realise several videos on different kind of games as Fortnite, Rocketleague, Overwatch and all licenses we love to play.

Don't be shy and come tell us in the comments what you think of our videos , wich games do you want us to play and post about.

We're totally open to the feed back. What we want first is you to be satisfied ! So we promise to make our videos better and better. We just began to learn about video montage.

Thanks for watching our video and read our blog !


If you find these recordings entertaining and funny, consider voting these blogs to incentivise me to keep spending the time to produce them.

If you like these recordings, please consider to follow us @Africa @yuguers

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Excellent friend very good post

Thank you dude! :)

Congratz on your success... that reminds me of a game I used to play. Hehe... I forget the name..

Thank you! :)

wow. that gonna be great. counting on it. my cousin always wanted to do something similar. I hope I can share your ideas with him? much love and suport. resteeming your post

Sure you can! Thank you! :)

Yo, any advice for getting to Plat? Wondering down here from Gold.

Play with a team, it's hard to be plat with random player!

The game is out of the reality of the orbit, we in the game is easy to forget the life imprisonment, although this is very impractical, but you are really trying to turn it into a reality, come on!

Waw thank you! :)

thanks, happy today

Thank you ! :)

Congrats on Plat!

Thank you! :)

Thank you @yuguers. I am learning new about games.

With pleasure! :)

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Thank you ! :)

Thank you dude! :D

This game is just fucking awesome😎

Nice game for playing...
Good job.. and success is for you @yuguers..

Have followed, resteemed and upvoted...

Thank you! :)

tbh i'm not really a reinhardt or reaper guy but you played them really well dude. keep up the overwatch videos :D

Thank you! :D

oh nice post :D

Thank you! :)

Congrats on achievement....may you get more

Than you! :)

I'm going to start posting on Ark: Survival Evolved. I've been playing since it came out. So addiciting... yet, unforgiving

Curently i'm playing rust! It's almost the same :)

ahhhh i cant wait until i reach platinum, good job! x

Congratulations brother

Thank you bro! :)

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