REMONTADA [Rocket League #1]

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Hello Steemians !

Sir @africa and myself decided to work together to produce some gaming and funny contents. So we'll realise several videos on different kind of games as Fortnite, Rocketleague, Overwatch and all licenses we love to play.

Don't be shy and come tell us in the comments what you think of our videos , wich games do you want us to play and post about.

We're totally open to the feed back. What we want first is you to be satisfied ! So we promise to make our videos better and better. We just began to learn about video montage.

Thanks for watching our video and read our blog !

If you find these recordings entertaining and funny, consider voting these blogs to incentivise me to keep spending the time to produce them.

If you like these recordings, please consider to follow us @Africa @yuguers


Great videos! Good ideas! Bring the fun of games, stimulate new players!

Ned and Dan caught STEALING

I would like to see Overwatch. I also wouldn't mind more RPG games like Final Fantasy or Dark Souls. Maybe even some JRPG games like Kingdom Hearts.

yeah, there def needs to be more videogame representation on Dtube in the future. That would be so dope!:)

I agree. I watched one of their videos for Overwatch and it wasn't bad at all.

I spend a month before pc 430h. nice episode of good luck in the next game.

Nice and creative. Just go for it!

Good job guys.

Hey guys you should totally just like my comment :) also great video I love rocket league

it is well game..and i like this game.... thanks for sharing...

Nice game for crazy user. Haha

Amazing, i like you post.

Amazing, i like you post.

nice game and i will like it more if u can develop more of junk games like mortal combat. i tell u, i somuch like the multiple combination of botton with the controller usedfor combat hits or combos... great games from u pals

Eso si es una remontada epica

good game, I like the same game

Rocket League, Overwatch and Fortnight! 3 of my favorite games! Would love to collab on a video someday if you'd like =)

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