Discover Tilted Tower [Fortnite #6]

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Hello Steemians !

Sir @africa and myself decided to work together to produce some gaming and funny contents. So we'll realise several videos on different kind of games as Fortnite, Rocketleague, Overwatch and all licenses we love to play.

Don't be shy and come tell us in the comments what you think of our videos , wich games do you want us to play and post about.

We're totally open to the feed back. What we want first is you to be satisfied ! So we promise to make our videos better and better. We just began to learn about video montage.

Thanks for watching our video and read our blog !

If you find these recordings entertaining and funny, consider voting these blogs to incentivise me to keep spending the time to produce them.

If you like these recordings, please consider to follow us @Africa @yuguers


I like your these recordings...
Thanks for your shared..
Success is always for you @yuguers and Sir @africa...

Just uploaded some montages this week too! I like your editing skills a lot and love that the gaming community is growing here!

What recording software are you using ?
Could you make teach me to create good gaming content? IF you want

Very nice

Just that I can't play the game

Hi guys, i just started a channel. If you play Fortnite too, send me your best and funniest moments and i'll put them in a compilation everyday (istructions in the description of my videos).

@yuguers, can we have a collaboration? I'd love to start a gaming community here on dtube.

Do u play Pubg if you do leave you username :)

nice video @yuguers ,im enjoyed this video with full of laught :D

btw nice to meet you @yuguers :)

good stuff dude keep it going with the fortnite content !

This is very nice,
I am also a person who is interested in gaming.

Great Video!

I really lIKE this Game, Fortnite having over 30 wins and also my best town is Tilted Towers.. Am a youtuber so I record it a lot!! I love this Game

Very nice post

GGz nice vid

Hey man, I really enjoy your posts. Check out my channel for daily fortnite video compilations, I think you will enjoy them!

I am @earnmoresteem and you got a 6.25% upvote courtesy of @malonmar! I invite you to send SBD with other post in memo and I will upvote you this new post.

Great video! Looks like a fun game...may have to get it myself.

Nice video you can check out and videos i also upload Fortnite Funny Moments :)

Me and my friends made a challenge to survive tilted towers we never did
But still there is hope i am not the best player in the world in fortnite
But i am getting better
I play fortnite on the ps4
I would love to play with you
my username is Kliomis1234

This is very nice !!! great work!!

Nice friends.welcome and thanks

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