This game makes you feel awesome!

in gaming •  last year

Super hot


Super hot, that is the name of the game. I bought it a few months ago for a dollar or 2 and it was awesome!

About the game

The game has a story line with quite some missions to play.
What made me want to have the game is the movement in the game, as you move everything around you moves faster and you need to have some tactical view.

But once I started playing I realised that it was much more than just a game with a nice concept.
The storyline is good, and there are some nice extra game modes (for example: endless mode, katana only).

In my opinion this game is an unique game for a great price (for sure if on sale)

For the VR gamers, there is also a VR version of the game!
Although I never played it, I think it's worth it.

let me know what you think


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You said you never played it but before you said you played it. Which one is it?


I think he meant that he never played the VR version. I played the VR version with the Oculus Rift. It was really good, felt like Neo from the Matrix :)


I never played the VR version, I bought/played the normal one 😊


Oh, ok , I am sorry I must have misunderstood. I did not say it in a bad way, just so you know!
I need to try this game , also .



No problem ;)

is it worth to buy the game or is it nice?


For me it was worth it 😃

Such a good game! I still need to get around to finishing it. But I have enjoyed what I played so far!


I finished the story. But I still need to do a lot of the katana only missions