CAN YOU DO THIS?! Random WTF Moments! #15 Fortnite on Your Best Friends Fortnite Channel - 720p support!

in gaming •  10 months ago

Your Best Friends Fortnite Channel uploads daily the best of fortnite moments out there.
I love to watch fortnite but recognized that there is a big difference in quality between different videos.

So I decided to create the highest quality fortnite best moments channel of all.

If you have ideas, want to see more of a certain topic or have any feedback, just let me know and I will include it.

💪💪All videos are 720p and hosted on my own IPFS server to make the network stronger.
If you have any questions or want to create an IPFS node on your own, just hit me up:
❤️❤️I am happy to help building the community!

📩📩If you want to get featured in the daily highlight video just open the link below and fill out the form.
Send me Your Moment:

🔥🔥More Fortnite Videos:!/c/ybffc

❤️❤️Featured Heroes in the Video:
H2ODelirious -
TSM_C o n o r -
Lidormen7 -
Dark -
alanFIFA90 -
JasonR -
Azenon -

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buen video sigue asi xD

nice video keep it up xD


Thanks my friend :)


Thanks my friend :)


How do i grow my Profile ? I post Hot Fitness Models from all over the world ! Thank You


My friend, you already have so much followers xD

I know how the guy in the last video clip feels I had that happen to me



You are so unique @ybffc, you have a lot of favorable games and they as interesting as you boss..


Thank you so much my friend :) You too!

really awesome video can't control to laugh


Same for me :D