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Hello everyone! I wanted to take some time before the holiday to officially announce something I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It’s a social game that I initially built a number of years ago and launched on Facebook (when Facebook games were a thing) but now have modified to allow logging in and making in-game purchases with Steem!

For those of you who want to jump right in and try it out you can find it at:

Word Chase -

On the other hand, if you want to hear some more details about my experiences creating and running the game and eventually integrating it with Steem - then read on!

In 2012 I worked for a company that made social games mostly on Facebook. I had often worked on side projects but I usually got distracted by the next shiny new thing that came along and never saw the projects through to completion. Finally I decided that I wanted to make my own game and actually finish it and put it live for people to play.

So I spent over a year building a word game that I created called Word Chase and released it on Facebook in the middle of 2013. Without any advertising I was able to grow the game to about 100 DAU (Daily Active Users) and for a time was making over $100 / month selling the in-game currency - with 30% going to Facebook of course.

Some people got really, really into it and played thousands of games! It was really great to have built and released something that people who I didn’t know enjoyed and actually paid to play! I continued to work on the game and add new features over the next year or two but it was hard to really grow it any more and I had less and less time to devote to it.

Since I didn’t want to spend money on advertising to try to grow the game even more, over time I stopped making as many updates and posts to the fan page so the number of players slowly dwindled. I never shut the game down though. It has been up and running ever since its initial release and some people do still play it from time to time.

Anyway, fast forward to the past couple months and I had recently learned about Steem and thought that it would be a neat project to allow people to log in to the game and make in-game purchases using Steem!

I don’t intend for it to really gain much popularity or make money, it’s really just a proof of concept for integrating Steem into existing applications as well as an opportunity for me to learn more about Steem development.

Allowing logins through SteemConnect V2 was pretty simple (although the documentation was a bit lacking - I submitted a pull request which was approved and merged to update the documentation for the sc2-sdk here: so hopefully others will have an easier time of it in the future).

The more interesting part was accepting payments. Using SteemConnect for transactions is a bit of a disconnected process. A new page is opened with the SC2 URL to make the transaction and once it’s done there’s no callback or app-specific messaging or anything so the user is just left to figure out that they need to close that tab/window and go back to the original one.

So what I ended up doing is showing the SC2 transfer page in an iFrame within a modal dialog over top of the game web page. This way the player stays within the game experience. In the background as soon as the transfer page is shown it will poll the @wordchase account every few seconds for new transfers that come in.

Once the transfer is completed the game JavaScript will pick it up through the account history polling and automatically close the modal dialog window and make a call to the server to validate the transaction and credit the player with their purchase.

Additionally, I made a Steem-specific section in the leaderboards so you can see only Steem players and filter out the Facebook players. You can also invite your SteemIt friends to play and challenge them to a game!

I should note that this is all being run off of a micro EC2 instance, so in the unlikely event that there is a sudden flood of Steem players we’ll have to see how all of this holds up. Also while I tried to test everything as much as possible, there could still definitely be some bugs or issues. Feel free to contact me here or in if you run into an issue - especially relating to a purchase - and I’ll do my best to resolve it right away.

Again - I consider this mostly a proof of concept for integrating Steem into various third party sites and applications. I hope that by seeing this game some people will be inspired to integrate Steem into their projects! The more things that Steem can be used for, the more value the token will have which will be a big benefit to us all.

In closing - I hope you enjoy the game, and feel free to challenge me - but be warned, i’m pretty good! Also I may decide to give out a prize for the first SteemIt player to beat all 75 single-player levels!

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Hey @transisto - thank you so much for your vote. That URL doesn't have the client_id or any other of the info it's supposed to. I would be interested to work with you to try to figure out what's causing that if you're available at some point. It seems to be working for most others.

This sounds like so much fun. Well done

Oh boy! Now there are games to eat up my time! Sounds like fun!

Congrats! Great Pivot! This is fantastic, I'd definitely like to get your insight @yabapmatt I’m wondering if you or your audience is familiar with Unity Game Engine and Development Platform. If so, from a Gaming Perspective, how would you use Crypto Currency in the Unity Game Engine?
50% of Mobile Games, 70% of VR, & Most of the top PC Games

Thanks @techgentleman! I am quite familiar with Unity and I work with it on a regular basis at my day job.. From a player's perspective you can use cryptocurrency in Unity games the same way you could in any other games. In the case of Steem you can use it for login, payments, and it could even automatically post on your behalf for achievements or things like that.

From a technical perspective, if you're using C# you can use the Steem.NET library but that doesn't support some features like broadcasting to the blockchain. I think(?) you can also use JavaScript in Unity but not sure since I haven't done that. If so then the Steem JS library is great.

If you do anything with Steem in a Unity game let me know, i'd be very interested in that!

Thank you so much @yabapmatt That's awesome you're working on our engine. I hope you're enjoying it! I will make a note of all this info. I am currently building an executive summary for our engineering and executive teams. Hope to have something substantial to present by Jan. I just followed you, Please do the same as I'll post updates and would love to stay in touch with you specifically.

Oh wow I didn't realize you worked for Unity! I'd like to stay in touch as well since it looks like we have a lot of the same kinds of ideas. Send me a message on if you want to talk about it off-chain.

This is so awesome to see people pushing the boundaries of way to integrate steem into things like this and using it as a payment. I think big things are certainly coming for the currency and it's because of things like this. Thanks for getting the ball rolling.

This is an awesome idea. Great job!! I’ll be gettin in on some of this action.
Side bets… I like it!! I probably won’t because I’m not too good with words but still would add a little twist to the game. The possibilities on steemit seem endless. Amazing job👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Just played a round. This is pretty challenging. I like it!!

Great stuff! And great back story to the development. One of my side side projects is developing a steem card game. That tip about using the iframe for steemconnect is a good idea that I am shelving in the brain filing cabinet for use when I get back to it.

Awesome! Can't wait to see your game. Let me know if you need any help with the development or anything like that.

Thanks very much mate!

Incredible! Hopefully this is just the first of many games. It seems only natural for an ecosystem like steemit.

Yea like I said I hope it inspires others to make things that are even better. Steem is a great currency for in-app payments since it's nearly instant and there are no transaction fees. Facebook / Apple / Google all take a 30% cut!

Yeah the possibilities are endless for gaming with steem. Thanks for opening the door!

Wow thats nice of you to include steemit payment. I'd definitely try this out. But a quick question, can i make steem profit out of it? As in get steem if i win a game or something. Anyways good initiative and thanks for not shutting it down! ;)

Thanks @andrekweku! No there's no profit and you don't get any Steem for winning a game (unless you make a bet with someone or something!) It's just for fun, and you don't have to spend any Steem to play, it just can help if you're stuck on a level or something like that.

Oh ok. Thanks for your quick reply. I've started playing already. heheh... Good job there! You're really helping the community with your brilliant initiatives

Nice one, you're really thinking outside the box with the type of projects you're bringing forward.

That is awesome man. Congrats for the update and including steem on the app. It is good to see the currency getting out there.

@yabapmatt You're such a badass man! I voted you as witness BTW several days ago because I trust in your commitment to STEEM. Wish I could turn back time in order to learn coding as well when I was still in college. #makesteemitgreatagain

Thanks man, really appreciate it! It's never too late to learn coding!

Great stuff! I love word games. A fun addition to the steemit thanks :)

Changing the game!

He's bossing it up for sure

Oh ! @yabapmatt you are a genius after BotTracker! the game.
Why didn't you post via utopian ?

I wanted to but it’s not open source. I tried to make it open source by making the repo public but I have some passwords and private keys in there and I didn’t know how to completely remove those so didn’t want to make it public yet.


I also have some games (ex. and wanting to include the commenting system using STEEM blockchain so they receive something back when they communicate with other players.

Right now it is a paid games, but going to free-to-play setup. Got side tracked with other projects.

By the way, I see that you are using steemconnect haven't read the code you put up in github. Have you tried it for games using Google or iTunes?

Cheers to you and good luck with your games.

Hi @yabapmatt ,
Nice idea! would be good to integrate winning steem when winning the games or something like that. SO not only paying steem to play, but there is some profit from playing.

On a different note, the steemit bot tracker is not tracking bid times correctly. It showed the end time for @bellyrub bid about 40 min ago, but it is still running the same bid slot.

Is this something because of the tracker or the bid bot itself?

Thanks for all your work for steemit :)

This is a great proof of concept, also, great game!

@yabapmatt great game. thinking out of the box is your greatest asset. keep sharing your ideas and your new work. have a nice time

It seems very exciting game and more exciting that it is built on steem blockchain. keep it up @yabapmatt

Oh thats pretty cool, things like that brings a lot of value to steem!

Resteemed, liked, followed, voted as witness, if you have Discord add me so I can see what your next dev will be! I am glad to see steem expanding.

You might want to try joining which is steem's number one poker site freerolls so free to play!!!! By @tuck-fheman

Thanks so much! I wish you the best!

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good job, I love, please keep it up

Can you add chess to the games on there?

its not about game, but about your website with tracking bots, why you exclude bellyrub off timer? now its hard to buy any vote from them

Hi @investwarrior, bellyrub’s owner requested that it be removed from the bid bots section of the site.

Some games would be good here

good i just followed you

This is beautiful... It a really nice game!

You need to work on the GPU rendering tho. The game works fine but you might want to consider optimizing the graphics in the game!

what a nice game.


what's the procedure for listing a bot in your Steem Bot Tracker?
Can you please let me know ? (it's a resteem Bot)

Thank you so much

Just let me know the name of the bot and I will add it! You can also reach out on if you want to talk more.

Thank you , Just sent you a message on Steem chat .

Nice share, but i dont like the game,but i will try it...

Very nice post, I'll try out your game soon!

Very great! i am going to try...

We did something similar in the past. Just to understand better, to buy in game virtual currency, you are using STEEM right ?

Also if you are getting rewards within the game is it possible to covert to STEEM ?

You can use SBD to purchase in-game currency. You cannot convert the in-game currency back to STEEM though. It’s just for fun, no profit.

understood. Just wondering what if we have arrangement of sort where its possible to convert in game rewards to real world cash / SBD etc ?

This looks fantastic I need to get involved with this @yabapmatt great post keep it up.

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It looks like a fantastic game
But the best war games

Hi @yabapmatt!

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