My Adventures in Mabinogi: part 4

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My Adventures in Mabinogi: part 4


part 1
part 2
part 3

Welcome to part four of my series, My adventures in Mabinogi. If you haven’t seen parts one through three, the links will be provided above.

I finally did it! I completed the main story, well not completely! Turns out there is actually a whole whopping twenty chapters! I completed the first one. They’re referred to as g1-20.

I’m still taken back by how the first chapter unfolded. I know I complained a little in the last post about how it was irritating having to walking back and forth from npc to npc, but I’m glad that I stuck with it. Now I only have nineteen more chapters to go.

If anything, what’s nice and reassuring to know is that the father you progress through each chapter the harder it gets. I don’t think I’ll have much problem with chapter two as the required level cap is 30 and I’m level 91. I’m going to need to upgrade my gear however and as such I want to make that part of today’s conversation.

Mabinogi has a wide array of things which you can wear. Everything from armors of different types and even fashionable clothing. Yes you can dress up and it doesn’t end there! You’re allowed to override the look of any armor through the appearance style tab. This allows you to wear your armor but still retain the look and feel of your stylish clothing without the actual armor being shown. Cool right? I think so, I’ve spent a lot of time just looking at all the cool players and their fancy gear.

I’ve been playing as a female Elf warrior. Depending on your class and race, different armors will be available to you and others will not. This is further influenced depending on what class you choose. Mages will benefit from robes and warriors will benefit from different armors.

There is still a lot that I do not know about all the different types of armors you can wear. However I do know that elves don’t have as many plate armor options as humans or giants. I haven’t had the opportunity to get some plate armor for myself. It is always my first choice in any game. One of the earlier tutorial quests gave me a beginners set of armor, at first I thought it was platemail, but it turned out to be leather even though the visuals clearly indicated otherwise. Oh well, I moved on and since have stuck with the light gear.

Depending on what you wear you’ll gain the skill knowledge for that set of gear. In my case it’s light armor. While leveling you can see how well your skills are doing and what you can do to further increase the chance of you gaining the ability to level it up. I thought this was a neat feature as it adds a little extra layer of things to work towards while playing the game. When getting your experience bar full for any skill you also have a chance to gain a perfect experience bar which is highlighted in purple.

I’m not sure if there is any benefit to leveling up your skills with a perfect bar as opposed to the normal one.

Mabinogi is filled a lot of unique places to explore. Some of my favorite being a very large city by the name of Tara. When I first visited Tara my breath was taken away and quickly the smile I had on my face grew stale. Despite the beauty of the city, I was saddened when realizing there wasn’t really any other players running around. For the most part, a lot of people tend to hang around only a few places. Unfortunate as it is, I think this game would be all the more compelling if more people were playing it.

During my stay in Tara I was walking about before running into a priest who offered to give me a quest. Being the adventure I am I couldn’t pass down the opportunity so of course I accepted. The series of tasks which were given to me lead me down a path of all sorts of randomness, in a good way.

I got to meet the queen of Tara who by the way is apparently my best friend! Who would of thought, oh and apparently crazy fanboy stalkers in the streets too! Yeah . . . wasn’t sure how to respond to that one. It kind of reminded me of the time you first meet the Adoring Fan in Oblivion for the first time. It was that level of awkwardness where all you could think of in that moment was to either run or end the poor sap once and for all.

Hehe ;)

Anyways . . . There is a ton of quests to do in Mabinogi and as a first time player it’s really nice to actually be doing things that have some amount of effort or thought put into it. I can’t help but think down the road that this new found invigoration I have from questing in Mabinogi is only temporary and I suppose this goes for any game. You play through it once, it was great or bad, and you never play it again.

In any case I’m enjoying the time I’ve put in so far and there’s really no reason to turn back now. On a few side notes I have joined a guild, a guild full of lunatics I might say, nothing against lunatics, or maybe, I don’t know. That has been an interesting experience in itself, more on that later. To top that off I’ve taken a short break from questing since completing the first chapter.

I’ve opted to allocate time do a life skill which will not only enable to be more self-efficient, but also help me with much needed stats to make my combat capabilities more potent!

There are many life professions to choose from, if I talked about all of them they’d all probably be their own post. For now though I’ve been working on my tailoring skills as it increases dexterity and as an elf, dexterity is particularly important if planning to be an archer.

There are a few minor gripes and I’m guessing this is probably an issue with all of the crafting related mechanics in game. It’s very clunky, you have to click a lot and drag and drop items in order to get things going. Not terrible, and it’s hard to explain without having some kind of video footage to show you guys. This is something I have considered doing so make sure to let me know in the comments if that’s something you want me to do.

Until then I guess I’ll continue to sheer sheep and pickup cobwebs, both of which are essential materials in creating fabrics and thread. Hope you all enjoyed the post and I’m looking forward to seeing you all later!

Here are some random screenshots I took while playing.

Dungeon crawling yay!

Angelic goddess!

Guild friends!

Stay tuned for more.


I used to play Mabinogi a while back. It's a bit slow-paced, but I miss it sometimes :) Glad to see you're enjoying it!

Yes lots of grinding! I'm used to that kind of gameplay, I don't mind it much. :)

Oh yeah, the grind is real >< Even after several updates that reduced some of it, it's still pretty grindy.

Great detailed description. Very interesting. Waiting for new posts with stories about the games.

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Awesome post friend.
really super & mind touch post and pic like it.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead,cmmnt back

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post, I have more coming soon :)

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Appreciate the kind words! I try my best to make everything I put up sound as fluid and coherent as possible. :)

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