What was your first MMORPG Game ?

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I personally started my journey into the MMORPG games world with MU Online :D Here's a gameplay video:

First heard about it from a friend and tried it out on a 0.97a private server that had a rebirth system :P

The most meaningful experience I had with MU was burning down half of my kitchen at the age of 16 :)

I was the party's active watch duty player and had to keep an eye on the damage dealer so that he wouldn't get out of the hunting spot and also had to keep a watch out for admin inquiries since, at the time, if you where AFK on a spot, the admin would message you and, in case of no reply, kick you and your party out of the game ;)

Now being the active watch duty player wasn't really a problem, I was used to it, did it a few times before ... the real problem was that I wanted to make some fries :D In any other context, I bet hunger would have kept me target focused but this time, it wasn't meant to be :)

I heated up a deep fryer (the shitty kind that's really a pan and lots of oil right over open fire, not electric) and, as usual, cut the potatoes and put them in the fryer.

After that I got back to the PC and found out from the other party members that it was my turn to guard the party, and that they where going to sleep :D So ... I would be alone the whole night, getting a lot of EXP <3

As you can imagine, at that time, I was so eager to get a night's worth of power leveling that I completely forgot about the fries ... and, you guessed it, the oil boiled up too much and eventually caught on fire :(

I found out about my fries after a few hours, hearing a glass breaking noise in the kitchen :D At first I thought I misplaced some plate and it fell and shattered ... wrong guess ... upon going to check things out, I got hit by the really thick smoke that gathered inside my closed window kitchen and ofc was shocked :D

Quickly called the emergency line and they sent fire fighters :P it did take a long time till they got to my address due to street name confusion, but eventually arrived <3

Now ... I was still clueless as to what caused the fire, completely forgetting about the fries, so the fire fighters, equipped with oxygen masks simply opened the kitchen windows, and, to my surprise, threw water over the burning oil :D and after a more intense burn, the fire eventually died out, leaving behind my now carbonized fries in an empty, burnt pan.

Still remember that strange moment when I figured out what happened ... I mean ... my MU party was no more since the PC closed due to electricity loss (stove had it's electric wire melted), my fries where no more and yeah was home alone and just burnt half the kitchen ... felt a bit sad, but mostly hungry :)

What was your first contact with the MMORPG world like ?
What strange memories do you have from your first MMORPG game ?

Please share your personal experiences / opinions in the comments :D

Thanks a lot for reading <3

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Thanks a lot <3 care to share something about your first MMORPG experience ? :P

Final fantasy XI. Oh, the memories... Good post!

Thanks a lot for the feedback <3 I didn't get to play any Finaly Fantasy games except the PS2 ones (really old), but yeah it's an awesome series :D