Is it worth buying FIFA every year?

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I am a FIFA player since FIFA 2004, I’ve never missed a year. Most of my friends say, “it is not worth buying FIFA every year, you could just buy a new one for every couple of years and that’s fine, EA will update the squads anyway, so there is no point of buying a new one".

But that’s not all that changes year over year in FIFA. The changes mentioned below support my claim that buying FIFA every year is worthwhile.

Changes on FIFA every year

FIFA 2001:

  1. This title was introduced with a new graphics engine.
  2. This engine allows each team to have its own detailed kit and some of the players can have their unique faces.
  3. For the first time, FIFA’s license includes official club emblems. But some of the leagues are not licensed.
  4. There’s been some minute changes in the game physics than the previous edition.
  5. Portuguese liga and Turkish premier league are removed in this title.
  6. This title was the first to introduce a power bar for shooting.
  7. This title in the PC version is the first, that could be played online.

FIFA 2002:

  1. This title is the first to introduce power bars for passes for the first time.
  2. For the first time, Swiss super league was introduced in this title.
  3. FIFA 2002 was the final game to feature Japanese national team, as Japanese football association sold its exclusive rights to Konami.

FIFA 2003:

  1. FIFA 2003 is introduced with a completely new gameplay.
  2. EA revamped the outdated DirectX graphics used in 2001 and 2002, and introduced new graphics featured more detailed stadia, players and kits.
  3. This title features 17 of the Europe’s top clubs in their own stadia and the fans singing their unique chants and songs.
  4. Highlights at half time, full time and comprehensive analysis on the match are introduced in this title.
  5. FIFA 2003 is the first game to introduce the EA trax.

FIFA 2004:

  1. There’s not been much changes in this title, but the biggest new addition is the secondary division.
  2. A new gameplay feature dubbed "off the ball" was introduced, which is the ability to simultaneously control two players, in order, for example, to move a second player into the box in anticipation of a pass

FIFA 2005:

  1. FIFA 2005 was released much earlier than the usual late October release to avoid a clash between FIFA street.
  2. Career mode was improved in this title and create a player mode is brought back to the series.
  3. The biggest difference compared to the previous titles is the inclusion of first touch gameplay which provides the users to perform real life tricks and passes.

FIFA 2006:

  1. FIFA's developers made a complete overhaul of the game engine for this installment of FIFA, claiming a dramatic increase in the control of play, having rewritten more than half the game's code.
  2. In addition to a renovation of the engine, which discards the "off the ball" system, the developers boasted a significantly more involved Career mode and the introduction of "team chemistry" which determines how well team members play together.
Season Highlights:

man this gives me goosebumps

Premier League


Serie A

French Ligue 1

FIFA 2007:

  1. This title is the first to introduce the new “Interactive Leagues” function.
  2. The game’s front end and graphics engine remain same.
  3. The Xbox 360 version uses a completely new game engine which was developed from the scratch.
Season Highlights:
Premier League


FIFA 2008:

  1. FIFA 2008 introduces a new game mode called “Be a Pro”.
  2. Unlike FIFA 2006 and 2007, memorable moments like season highlights are removed from FIFA 2008.

FIFA 2009:

  1. FIFA 09 features a revamped collision system and an option for 10 versus 10 "Be a Pro" online matches, and the new "Adidas Live Season" feature, which updates all the players' stats in a particular league based on the player's form in real life.
  2. Online play has also been improved in FIFA 09, with a feature called "FIFA 09 Clubs" allowing players to form or join clubs and field their strongest team online.

FIFA 2010:

  1. FIFA 10 has an extended Manager Mode which includes a new Assistant Manager that can be used to take care of the team's line-up and to rotate the squad based on importance of the upcoming match and improved finances.
  2. Player’s growth in the manager will now be determined by the in-game performance, demands placed on the player, and achievements based on the player’s position.
  3. This title includes a 360 degrees’ player control instead of 8 direction control in previous games.

FIFA 2011:

  1. It features a new replacement to Manager Mode called Career Mode; the player can play a career as a Manager, Player or a new feature as a Player Manager.
  2. Other new features include an improved passing system, improved player likenesses, the ability to play as a Goalkeeper for the first time, and other various other tweaks and additions.

FIFA 2012:

  1. Player impact engine - a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch.
  2. Precision Dribbling – delivers a higher fidelity of touch on the ball for attacking players.
  3. Tactical Defending – places equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling.

FIFA 2013:

  1. Attacking Intelligence – Players automatically analyze space and think ahead making it potentially easier to break down the defense. Goalkeeping Intelligence has also been improved in similar ways.
  2. Complete Dribbling – Precise 360-degree mobility with the ball allowing players to be more dangerous and creative during 1-on-1 confrontations.
  3. 1st Touch Control – Eliminates near-perfect touches for all players and allowing defenders to take advantage of the loss of focus and poor touches to win back possession.
  4. EA SPORTS Football Club – Earn rewards, level-up, enjoy live challenges and connect with friends. Unlock rewards and items from EA SPORTS Catalogue and climb up to 100 levels. Support Your Club in every area of the game and play through the real-world season. The new EA SPORTS Football Club app will allow fans to connect to Ultimate Team and EA SPORTS Football Club on the game.

FIFA 2014:

  1. FIFA 2014 is the first in series for the new generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.
  2. The game showcases a new engine, Ignite, which allows not only for graphical enhancements, like shifting weather conditions and dynamic environment, but also for changes in gameplay, with features like Human Intelligence and true player motion.

FIFA 2015:

  1. FIFA 2015 introduces new features like emotional intelligence, team tactics, wear and tear on the pitch and improved ball physics.
  2. More features are added on the physical side of the game with shoulder barges, shirt pulling and push pull mechanics show the real feel of football.

FIFA 2016:

There’s not much changes in this title, just some minute improvements in midfield and interceptions in defense, new dribbling mechanism and new feature called clinical finishing to score goals like a pro with better placement of the foot and ankle.

FIFA 2017:

  1. A brand-new game engine was introduced IGNITE FROSTBITE.
  2. For the time in series Journey game mode was released.
  3. Among the game's most innovative features, the set-piece mechanics break exciting new ground. Corners, free-kicks, penalties and even throw-ins have been completely redesigned to provide more variations, control and creativity from dead-ball situations.

Though there are less changes made every year in the series. Unlike the other games, FIFA is just like a membership to get entry into the best gameplay experience ever. Gaming industry nowadays is mainly online oriented. Each year with the release of new title, the pool of players shift to the new title.

Buying a FIFA every year is worthwhile, even with the minute changes every year, I bet EA makes sure those changes deliver the outmost experience for the user.



It's not...just buy a soccer shoe and a ball and hit the pitch to work out

well, i do that too. i'm just talking about the game though.

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