Someone listed Dragon Age: Inquisition as a "most disappointing of all time"

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...and I couldn't possibly disagree with the author more. I realize that video games are all about preference and some people have a difficult time letting go of nostalgia but I found Dragon Age: Inquisition to be one of my favorite RPG's of all time.


Now i also don't advocate for believing every poll or award that designates something "Game of the Year" (or really any poll or survey) but normally when a game gets called "Game of the Year" by any reputable organization there is a better than average chance that the game is pretty good. Other than a few issues with frame-rate drop during a few of the massive battles I can find exactly zero fault with this game aside from senselessly making you walk somewhere far away for no apparent reason.


The gameplay is great, the cut-scenes are not overly cumbersome (and they are mostly skippable), the areas are huge and for the most part filled with plenty of things to do, and the main story is pretty compelling.

The author which is and is a reasonably well-followed and trusted name in gaming states that "Bioware attempted to repair the mistakes they made in the past by abandoning every single one of those good ideas in favor of building a game that's all about monotonous busywork and not at all about telling a story."

Maybe this person played a different game than I did or just has a much different idea about what a good story is. Ok, so it isn't exactly top notch in the explanation of good vs evil but honestly, how many direction can a fantasy game really go in?


One of my favorite aspects of the game is the fact that you get to fight dragons and except for a couple of them, this is completely optional and only results in achievements and perhaps some special gear. It actually is a bit tragic because you feel a tinge of guilt after destroying these majestic creatures that were not impeding your progress nor were they tormenting the townsfolk that are nearby their locations.

The game is very long as well and if you were shooting for 100% completion this game could easily take 100 hours to complete. I don't understand how anyone could call it a disappointment, let alone put it at number 5 on a list of the most disappointing games of all time. E.T. for the Atari 2600 was ranked at number 7 and E.T. is mostly responsible for crashing the entire video-game industry in the early 80's.


One thing that actually was a massive disappointment for me as far as DA:I is concerned was the multiplayer. This was abysmal and it was evident very early on that this was meant to be a "pay to win" type situation even though I never saw any PvP (if there even is any.) It is waaaay too difficult and you are meant to plod through very very boring sequences in order to very slowly grind your character up to a level where you can actually defeat anything. It's not a grind that I was prepared to take on and I gave up pretty quickly - perhaps it gets better later on but I am not going to face off against the same enemies over and over again just to gain enough levels to be able to progress.

Most of the trailers out there simply show cinematics, which i think is a terrible way to showcase a game and tries to hide many games' flaws. This trailer focuses entirely on gameplay, which i found to be difficult enough to keep you interested, but not so difficult that you get frustrated and rage-quit.

So Phil Owen of "The Wrap," no offense buddy, but I completely disagree with you. I found Dragon Age: Inquisition to be one of my favorite RPG's of all time and how anyone can call this game disappointing is beyond me.

If you are one of the people who agrees with Phi, I would love to hear why that is. Other than a few crashes here and there I can really find no flaw with this game. I have completed it twice and will likely play it again someday too!


never played it but it looks like something I might be interested in but since I can't devote much time to gaming it might be too complicated for me.

if you can pick it up cheap i would say it is a must have

you sure you read the article right? I'm with you and don't understand how anyone could consider it a disappointment. Perhaps they were really into the lore and story of previous chapters and are butthurt because the story wasn't as good?

could be. The author didn't go into much detail about what specifically he didn't like other than the story.

i would say that some of the characters were a bit useless because they were essentially the same thing as a toon you already have and you would therefore not use them because for example, the mage you had been using the entire game was already equipped with great stuff and you didn't want to have to re kit out another person with that difficult to craft gear a second time

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