Some things that are going to turn people off about Destiny 2

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I do a lot of complaining. Even though I am really enjoying playing this game there are still a lot of things about it that I know I am going to look back on and think "why the hell did I go through all that?" I know it is going to happen just like it did with other MMO-like games that I have played in the past and it always ends up the same way.

I guess I am just glutton for punishment because despite knowing this I keep playing, sometimes for hours a day.

One of the main things that some people will claim that they love but it actually isn't a great feature is the sheer number of weapons and armor that are available in the game.


That image doesn't do justice to what it is that I am talking about but you will encounter so many weapons and armor sets while you are going through this game. There are so many that it can be perplexing to try to figure out which ones to use. You might think that your favorite machine gun is the way to go but if you look online you will find that there are some favorite weapons out there and they are probably not the ones that you are using. There are some dedicated individuals who have determined what the best DPS weapons are and ultimately, this is what everyone in the game ends up using. I know that when I am in raids with people that are much better than me it is normally very common to see the same weapon types being used by all of the top guys.


You may find a weapon and be thinking that you really like it and enjoy using it... then later you look it up online and find out that it is generally considered to be a piece of shit. I know that I had spent about half a day leveling up some sort of weapon only to look it up and see that it was considered to be useful only in breaking it down and using the parts for upgrading other things. Great...half a day wasted.

But then again, since I know that I am going to look back on this and feel as though playing the game at all was a waste of time then I suppose that is kind of how it is going to work.

according to just one website and there are thousands of them. There are 311 weapons that can reach the max damage output in the game. If we were to combine this list with the amount of lessor powered weapons that you can find in the game we would have a list that probably contains thousands of items.

I like variety in a game as well but doesn't this seem a little absurd to you? There are some people out there that I have watched videos by and I believe that if they were to apply the amount of dedication that they have put into knowing about this game into literally anything else they would certainly be captains of industry. I mean seriously, I went to college for a long time and I don't think I have dedicated as much time as these experts most certainly have to anything in my life.

So be warned if you are thinking of going into this game. Sure there are an infinite amount of ways to play this game but just like all other games like it that I have played in the past there is a certain method that everyone uses that is the most efficient way. If you are seeking to be a top-tier player get ready for a long as hell ride. I have no intention of ever getting to be one of the best at this so I suppose I should just be thankful that most of the game is actually pretty easy and dying is irrelevant since you can revive yourself as many times as you want in most parts of the game.

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