Divinity: Original Sin doesn't belong on consoles

in #gaming10 months ago

This is completely my opinion of course and I expect to catch some flack for writing this but after playing for just a little while I can attest my complete and utter disdain for this game on a television screen with a controller. There are some games that would be epic on a computer and some that would be fantastic on a console.

Divinity fits into the "great for a computer, terrible for a console" department in my opinion.


RPG's are my favorite type of game and turn-based RPG's are near the top of my list of games as well. Divinity is both of these things so why do I hate it so much. Well, I don't hate the game or the concept, the gameplay or the graphics. I just don't think that this game belongs on a console.

After playing for just about 20 minutes it became very evident to me that this game was most likely meant to be played using a mouse and a keyboard and not so much with a controller.

Selecting where you want your character to move using the sticks on a controller is annoying and it would be very simple using a mouse.


Sometimes searching through crates for various goods is simply a frustrating experience that would simply be a double click on a mouse. I don't know how many times I was accidentally picking up the damn crates instead of just opening them because I hit the wrong button.

I'm not saying this is a bad game, I loved Balder's Gate and played through it many many times. I would likely do the same thing with this game but unfortunately the only version I own of it is on my PS4.

The worst part about playing this game on a console is the absolutely massive amount of written dialogue that you are going to encounter.


I have a 50 inch LED TV and my sofa is only around 6 feet away from it yet I am squinting trying to read line after line after line of dialogue and this is not a fun experience for me. If I was at my computer chair playing a foot away from a significantly smaller screen it wouldn't be a big deal but this was the deal breaker for me. I can't see that far away and I think that they were aware this would be an issue when they ported the games to Xbox and Playstation but went ahead and did it anyway.

For now, this game has been relegated to the cloud where it will most likely end up being unplayed forever or until a i get another chair that I can sit 2 feet from the TV... and this will probably introduce other problems as well.

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