Controller Trouble: Make it Double

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Well, hello there, dear steemians! Today, I will tell a tale about my DualShock 4 controller acting like a bastard.

A few days ago, the devilish little hunk of plastic started having a quite annoying problem: when pressing L2, the controller would also send a signal as if the left analog stick was pushed forward. At first, it was manageable, making little adjustments to the way I played i.e. pulling the stick a little bit backwards to cancel the input. With time during the same play session, it got a lot worse, the forwards input from L2 becoming more aggressive. I couldn't be arsed to deal with that anymore and started researching the problem. It baffled me to find out this is a pretty common problem, with a pretty easy solution: changing a sensor in the analog stick. I wish I could give a source for the fix, but I can't seem to find the site anymore (I did not save it in bookmarks at that moment, so I'm sorry because that person deserves a lot of recognition). Anyway, I replaced the faulty sensor with an identical one pilfered from an old and broken down Xbox 360 controller. Go figure, these components are pretty standard.

The Xbox Controller

Skipping ahead: almost an entire day, the asshole did not act up, perfectly normal gaming experience. Then, in the evening, it happened. For some reason, the controls would lock up, and my character would blankly look at the enemies carving him up with swords. I thought nothing of it, maybe it just got a little bit of a desync. Stuff like that happens. Then it did it again and again in the next 20 minutes. I had enough. So, this morning I went out and bought another one. Hope this one is more resilient than his older brother.

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