10 Reviews in 10 Words

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Well, hello there, dear steemians! Today I decided to take a look at my games library and start reviewing them in a short and fun fashion, meaning I will try to limit the review to a maximum of ten words. Let's begin!

Killzone 3

Call of Duty in space, but weapons actually feel weighty.

Resistance 3

Half-Life 2 without physics puzzles, also featuring weapon upgrades.

Prince of Persia (2008)

Gorgeous looking collect-a-thon game with really rare combat encounters throughout.

Wolfenstein (2009)

You never thought Doom 3's engine could have lit environments.

Fallout 4

The moment Bethesda tried to make a Far Cry game.

The Saboteur

Imagine if Wolfenstein and Assassin's Creed had an Irish child.

Shovel Knight

Rose tinted glasses for the 80's era of video games

The Order: 1886

Imagine if this game actually had personality, not just graphics.

007: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig stars in Call of Duty: James Bond Edition.

Just Cause 3

Blow everything and everyone up in numerous ways, just 'cause.

Well, I hope you liked this small list I put together and just you wait, because soon-ish I will come up with another one, and then another one, until I review my entire games library (it will take a while).

Sources: cover image taken by me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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Imagine if Wolfenstein and Assassin's Creed had an Irish child.

I actually laughed my fucking arse off at that! it describes the game perfectly.


It is a game which is close to my heart, to be honest. I just love how it managed to be so silly throughout, but also maintain a straight face during the story.

This was fun! Too bad it's short :D


Couldn't come up with more than ten phrases, sadly. Anyway, there is more of this in the making :)

Really happy I found your account Vlad. I love the retro gaming and great articles. I'll be following and upvoting on the reg.


Thanks, mate :)