Factorio DyWorld Dilemma (Ep46) - Science Main-Line Rail-Rip

in gaming •  6 months ago

Let's play Factorio DyWorld! Here we go again! This time with Factorio version 0.16 AND DyWorld Version 0.6.1 (soon to be 0.6.2).

I've been busy building a new computer and waiting for version 0.6.x of DyWorld and here it is! We are playing a rail world map and starting from the beginning so we can experience all of the DyWorld, game-changing, goodness.

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Disclaimer: I tend to upload many videos per day so watch them at your leisure - don't worry, they will be here ready for viewing till the demise of the internet. I will read comments but, won't be able to respond instantly - please be nice and respectful.

The mod is Authored by DySoch! and can be found by searching for DyWorld on the Factorio mod portal. Also, join us on the Discord channel for DyWorld if you have questions or want to discuss the mod in general:

DyWorld Discord:

DyWorld Facebook:

Factorio mod portal:

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