Multi Mega Base Madness (Ep48) - Factorio 101 - Need More Iron!

in gaming •  7 months ago

We will break Factorio, my computer or both in this new series with a Multi Mega Base concept. The goal is to build an all train network mega base capable of 2,000 science packs per minute. Then, I will complete the Space Extension mod for fun and additional pain. Once Space Extension is done, the Multi Mega Base will begin. The first mega base will be replicated so the map will generate 4,000 science pack per minute. Then again for 6,000, 8,000, 10,0000 ....... Till we break Factorio or my computer (or me now that I think of it!) There will be tears of pain from, yours truly, VideoGameGeek. Yes there will be tears.

To add challenge, this will be a rail world with the aliens set to migrate and expand.

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