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I consider myself to be to serious when it comes to gaming. Maybe I'm beeing hard on myself, but why I chose to write abot this "weird" looking game? Because this game, when played with a friend, makes my cry tears from laughter.


@borkas and I usually battle it out every two days or so. Sometimes I even battle with @perkynanobot , she originally showed me this game, there are many version of it, but this one is the original and it's the best version out there!


The thing is, you can ONLY JUMP! Each player has ONE BUTTON! So you need to use the games physics to manuver the ball into your oponents goal, but it is not as simple as it sounds because you can get a slippery terrain, you can get a baseball, you can even get headless players, acrobatic maniacs that fly all over the place or even zombies!


Now this game is a browser game that works pefrectly on Firefox and Microsoft edge (Internet Explorer), it is free and I DARE YOU TO GO PLAY IT WITH A FRIEND! NOW! I MEAN IT! HERE'S THE LINK!


Have fun friends!


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Love the game . nice friend i like it

this game reminds me of the past. it seems this game is very interesting to try. I will definitely give it a try,

i like this game.its name is football.
please dear carry on...

wow football its a favourite game for me.
i really love football.
it is very popular in the world....