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As some of you may already know, I compare many games to Ark, beeing a overly-obsessed Ark player I trive to find similar games because after all you do get tired after the exact same game when you have over 1400 hours in it. Anyways I found a game made by Virtual Basement (creators of Ark) which has absolutely amazed me!


Citadel is a MMO-RPG / crafting / castle building / sandbox game. The ONLY reason why I bought it now because it was and still is on 50% discount and when I watched the game trailer I imidatelly had to buy it.


In this crazy RPG you can choose between 4 major classes, you can tame ANY living beeing in the game! Riding dragons, direwolf, direbear, sounds all like ark to me, but thats just me...


This game is in early access, that means it's still in development, having a few bugs, but nothing serious. I enjoyed scorching a wild boar with fire from my hands, it feels awsome to play first person.


The game is still on discount, if you like MMO RPG games with sandbox elements, then wait no more.

Get it here:

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Dobro zgleda.


zgledi kaj zogorski šumarki ak si na gljivicama

The low steam rating kept me away from this game, is this like a Skyrim + ARK game?


Dude, its mixed , means 50% of people dislike it, the truth is THE GAME DOES NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE AMD. But if youre on nvidiia, you are gonna enjoy it!


50% people have AMD anyways.