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After successfully defending our base against the siege, we decided to go some urban exploring, the closest to our house that wasn't a complete waste of time was the abandoned gas station which always has this small fenced area that has loot but also radiation. If you don't have a HAZMAT SUIT it's not smart to loot that radiated area.


Anyways, after raiding the abandoned gas station, @borkas and I went throught the woods towards the military tunnel which isn't even marked on the map. The moment you enter the tunnel it gets really dark. The way we did it is we carried 2-3 torches and one miners helmet with a flashlight in it. The problem is that they all run out of fuel pretty fast and you need to carry lots of low grade fuel in order to get out alive because like in real life, once the lights run out, you can try to get out but it's pitch black.


Upon entering the tunnel a few games came through my head, the Stalker series, fallout and even ark with the ark's caves system! We didn't find much as it was only mines, we found stone, sulfur and metal, all very valuable resources but can also be found otisde aswell.


We didn't die, we didn't come up empty handed and we made it back home. Our compadre @stjepankralj even built a christmas tree and a huge stone fireplace inside our house. Im very eager to see where Rust takes us next and enjoy the video of our cave exploring adventure!



Thank you for reading!


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Moraš vježbat skakanje prek grabih. :D


obicno mi skakanje ide najbolje u igrama al ovaj put sam dva puta skoro vu istu rupu završil jeba joj vrok mater