Taoist (Jeon Woo Chi) Atlantica Online

in #gaming4 years ago

The Taoist is a powerful exorcist of the Chosun Dynasty. With the power of his charms, he can bend spirits and ghosts to his will, turning his power into his own.
With Spirit Echo, he draws spiritual power from his spear to deal extra damage. His Vital Seal spell prevents his enemies from calling upon their own power.

The Taoist is one of the best mercenaries in Atlantica Online game. His skills are excellent, even for end game. Burning Essence is one of very few skills that can increase Action Power and his Vital Seal can seal a full row of enemies, including bosses. He can also be a front row tank.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

  1. Burning essence
    Burning Essence Increases Action Power, speed and Accuracy. When the spell ends, replenishes Health.

  2. Empowered Aura
    Empowered Aura Empowers other Spear wielders, restoring Health and boosting Multi-Hit rate every turn.

  3. Spirit Echo
    Spirit Echo calls upon the spirit of the spear to deal extra damage and decrease Action Power.

  4. Vital Seal
    Vital Seal decreases Action Power and seals physical and magical attacks. At higher skill levels, decreases Defense and gives a small increase to Magic Defense. Works on bosses.


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