Destiny 2 Beta

in gaming •  2 years ago 

Any of you guys going to be playing the Destiny 2 Beta? I will be streaming it all day tomorrow on my Twitch channel. Check me out live, Aug 29th-31st.

I never played destiny before but I am a huge Halo fan. I have't really played Halo since I owned an XBox 360. Aside from that, I played ElDewrito (a bootleg of the Russian version of Halo 3 that got ported to PC and then lost funding), but that doesn't really count.

In any case, I'm super excited about this release on PC. Bungie makes incredible games and I hope to share the experience with all you guys that are willing to come and hang out! If you have a bunch of knowledge on what will help me in the game, definitely drop by. I don't mind back seat drivers. I'm expecting the beta to be mostly a multiplayer/deathmatch sort of thing, but all are welcome.

If you guys are in the beta, lets party up brosefs! Also, if you like Foxhole and or Overwatch, I play those a bunch as well.

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I'll be jumpin on the beta. I played the ps4 beta but waiting for that smooth 60fps on pc.